Intensive Therapeutics has developed an intensive, community-based, group program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or sensory-motor issues who exhibit limitations in play, socialization and activities of daily living.


Camp Leaps and Bounds is a half-day camp designed to focus on gross motor, fine motor, social skills, self-help (dressing, eating, etc.) skills and sensory processing abilities. Services are provided in community-based children's activity learning centers to facilitate improvement of a child's goals in a fun, safe, rewarding, therapeutic atmosphere.  Fun and challenging activities are led by two occupational therapists, occupational therapy students and volunteers.  The staffing of Camp Leaps and Bounds makes it possible to work on a child's individual goals within the context of the group. If appropriate, a 1:1 child to staff ratio can be achieved. Peer models (typical children of corresponding age) are utilized to promote appropriate behavior. A day at Camp Leaps and Bounds includes music, activities of daily living, social skill development, arts and crafts, and sensory-based play in large groups (8-10 children), small groups and individually.

Leaps and Bounds

Who would benefit?

Children who exhibit the following:

  • Sensory dysfunction
  • Low muscle tone
  • Perceptual problems
  • Motor planning problems
  • Visual processing delays
  • Difficulty socializing

Current Camps:

  • Preschool: 3 to 5 year olds
  • School Age: 5 to 8 year olds

Leaps & Bounds Brochure